In the first person

Welcome to my personal website, an intimate and engaging space that brings out the person behind thirty years of studying, teaching, and making music worldwide.

Just as in social media, it will not be short on observations seemingly beyond the fringes of my professional sphere. This planet seems more beautiful to me every day, yet it is in the hands of a humankind that creates beauty and terror with the same thrust and perseverance, often acting against its own interests on all scales. In trying to make sense of all this, one certainty shines brightly: my love of music, people, and words, especially when they open windows on new understandings of the relationship between past and present.

Well…I love many other things too: travelling, hiking, cooking, and sharing my life with my loved ones, trying to give them the best of myself. Life is not long enough to do all that one might desire, but many things fit if you put your mind to it. Some feature on this website, others do not. This website is mainly for words and music, and my personal attempt to weave both into inspiring pathways.

In December 2017 I answered the Musikeon version of the Proust Questionnaire. A nice way to talk about very different things, from tigers and archeology to Borges and Star Wars.

Many of the ideas that are currently guiding my activity took shape in 2017 in the following article for IMPAR Journal: “Undisciplining Music: Artistic Research and Historiographic Activism”.