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El partido de mi vida

Será porque tengo un hijo que juega al fútbol (y muy bien, que conste), pero el momento en que se encuentra mi vida profesional no consigo imaginarlo sin acudir a una metáfora futbolística. Hace ya un tiempo que lo pienso: estoy a punto de saltar al campo para jugar la segunda parte del partido de […]


I am often told that in today’s musical world everybody seeks perfection. Students, teachers, juries, producers, critics, and concert players; all would be apparently obsessed with perfection. This is not my perception at all. Many students certainly are preoccupied with it, often encouraged by their teachers. And this is sometimes (not always) the concern of […]

Sex, travel, and music books

I don’t know about you, but by far the three most exciting things in life for me are writing books, travelling to unknown places, and having good sex. And I’ve always thought that writing books is the only one of these three things whose successful outcome does not require the involvement of other people. You […]

Finally, our PhD call!

Finally, the call for our doctoral programme at the University of Aveiro was published! Applications until August 3. On October 11, we will start classes. Any brave in the room willing to challenge? #Doctorate #Aveiro #SóloParaValientes https://www.ua.pt/research/PageEdict.aspx?g=9&a=0 https://acesso.ua.pt/upload/editais/e_3955.pdf

40 questions

In December 2017 I answered the Musikeon version of the so-called Proust Questionnaire. It was a nice way to talk about very different things, from tigers and archeology to Borges and Star Wars. Here are the questions and my answers.   An adjective that best defines your character? Enthusiastic. This, at least, is what they say […]